I, Ortavia “Wisdom” Jackson, am the Founder and CEO of Life By Wisdom (LBW). I am the author of 2 poetry books. The first book entitled; Divine Destiny, through a Journey called Life” was self-published in 2005. The second book, Tate publishing company published entitled; “Life By Wisdom, poetry for your mind, soul, and spirit” in 2009. As a poet, wordplay has always grasped my attention so I decided to use some of the quotes from my poetry and print it on apparel as well as novelty items, which can be worn or used daily.

I didn’t want to put an entire poem on a shirt because I’d rather 1 quick line that will capture someone’s attention to the point of making it the topic of discussion (a conversation piece if you will). I believe that we will never experience the true value of LIFE unless we approach it BY seeking WISDOM, the wisdom of God not the rationalization of man.

Due to the overwhelming number of people who do not read anymore, it challenged me to figure out an alternate way to use my gift of writing poetry.  There is a message for someone in every poem written and one thing I love about poetry is everyone has his or her own perception of it.  A person may not pick up a book to read it but they will read what someone is wearing.  So I decided to start a line with positive and/or inspirational messages on each item to stimulate thought with the possibility of having an opportunity to expound on the message. The products that were inspired by one of my original poems, when purchased, I include a laminated copy of the poem so that they get a better understanding of what they are wearing.

We make STATEMENTS (positive and uplifting), WEAR-ever we go!

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