There is evil that presents itself in our lives daily. The constant aggravation of daily routines and stress that we endure takes a toll even on the most hard characters out there. Motivation throughout to succeed and push forward is needed on a daily basis for everyone. We have created our Evil Live apparel, all in order to try and provide individuals with the reminder that evil is all around us but we must stay on our paths and make the changes we need. What is Evil Live then? That is the acronym for Turn ENDLESS VENGEANCE of INFERIOR LUST Around and LOVE INTENTLY for VICTORIOUS EFFECTS.

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We want to motivate you to turn towards the good in life. Our goal is to use the Evil Live apparel for you to strike conversations and entice discussions when wearing. It is made to provide you with the fuel you need in order to succeed in fighting daily evil that surrounds us every step of the way then. It’s not meant to be negative! It’s meant ti be absolutely encouraging to forget that feeling of being alone, depressed and sad. The apparel is meant to be worn. It will provide you with the feeling you are not alone in this fight at all!

Whether you are straying from the good or plain openly doing evil, don’t be sucked into that school of thought. Stand up, fight your fears and evil doers, make sure you decide what’s best, what motivates you in the best way possible to start working on becoming the best promising person you can be right away. It finally serves to motivate you to push forward.

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