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At the tip off there has been a great deal of controversy with the lack of indictments against officers who have killed black males in various states and communities. On 12/13/14 people everywhere were walking for justice with no calls. Black Lives Matter so we will Bounce back despite the Flagrant Fouls and Technicals. We […]

Many of us are in prison, just not in jail, not in a facility but we are imprisoned in our mind, the way we think. Set yourself free by changing your thought pattern. What you think, you begin to believe, once it becomes a belief it becomes a habit, and once it is a habit […]

There are a lot of women who settle for being that “main chick”, “#1”, “the one who gets introduced to the family”, “the one who had his child”, “and the one he comes home to”. While you may be the one he comes home to, you are also the one he can bring a disease […]

There is evil that presents itself in our lives daily. The constant aggravation of daily routines and stress that we endure takes a toll even on the most hard characters out there. Motivation throughout to succeed and push forward is needed on a daily basis for everyone. We have created our Evil Live apparel, all […]