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Many of us are in prison, just not in jail, not in a facility but we are imprisoned in our mind, the way we think. Set yourself free by changing your thought pattern.

What you think, you begin to believe, once it becomes a belief it becomes a habit, and once it is a habit it becomes part of your character so think wisely on Purpose. 

It Doesn’t Have To Stop There

 I – time to Identify me by reviewing my history of Idolatry.

N – time to reach out to the One who supplies all my Needs cause I don’t know how many more Numbered days I’ll see.

C – time to allow God to be in total Control  no longer Collaborating with anyone other than He.

A – time to Apply the Word to my life, what my grandma has told me since I started out with all this strife.

R – time to be Revived, Resuscitated cause DNR is not a part of  raising my bar.

C – time to Commune, Consecrate, and Concentrate on the powers that be in me.

E – time to be Edified by Exalting my Excellency.

R – time to Repent for all the wrong I’ve done, said, or thought.

A – time to Accept the things I can’t change and be thankful for the Angels that watch over me.

T – time to Transform my mind and conform my heart.

E – time to be Examined then Enlightened by the One who interceded for me cause I could have Life like the guy next to me.

D – its time to Discover my Divine Destiny.


INCARCERATED but it doesn’t have to stop there.

©2005 Divine Destiny


Get out of that closed cell that stagnates you and have an open mind.

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