At the tip off there has been a great deal of controversy with the lack of indictments against officers who have killed black males in various states and communities. On 12/13/14 people everywhere were walking for justice with no calls.
Black Lives Matter so we will Bounce back despite the Flagrant Fouls and Technicals. We have to keep a positive lineup so we can move forward and guard our hearts by keeping God as our Center. We must be Strategic in our Game plan or we will always lose and be ejected. They must stop being quick to take jump shots. Theres a difference between aiming to score and shattering the glass causing someone to layup. Then be judged off the court.
There must be a cross over from hate to love, from death to life, and from evil to good. Dont waste time by running the clock, change comes with a decision to execute a well structured play. We have to rebound with the unexpected in and out the paint. Lets Block with wisdom. Put our Hands up in Defense. Stay in the zone then we will Win on Purpose because Coach G got us.
So At the Buzzer we will bounce back.

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