13May 2015

At the tip off there has been a great deal of controversy with the lack of indictments against officers who have killed black males in various states and communities. On 12/13/14 people everywhere were walking for justice with no calls. Black Lives Matter so we will Bounce back despite the Flagrant Fouls and Technicals. We […]

15Oct 2014

The Circle of Sisters Expo was one of the biggest events Life By Wisdom has been a part of to date. We have only been in business for about a year. But after vending at different venues all spring and summer, we felt like we were ready to handle something much greater. Circle of Sisters […]

15Oct 2014

I, Ortavia “Wisdom” Jackson, am the Founder and CEO of Life By Wisdom (LBW). I am the author of 2 poetry books. The first book entitled; Divine Destiny, through a Journey called Life” was self-published in 2005. The second book, Tate publishing company published entitled; “Life By Wisdom, poetry for your mind, soul, and spirit” […]

04Jul 2014

A picture is worth a thousand words but if put words on the picture or make the words a picture you have a unique Life By Wisdom design. LbyW presented their wonderful products as a vendor at DASH Events, Young Fashionistas, Stepping Out Against Childhood Cancer (A charity event for the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer […]

27Feb 2014

By Ortavia Jackson This poem was written to address the segregation that occurs between Christian denominations. It mimics the I have a Dream speech by the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Segregation is not just racial!