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  • LBW Apparel

    Life by Wisdom apparel is a clothing line that was inspired by poetry that has a Natural Flow with a spiritual twist. All items have a positive and/or inspiring message with Purposeful words of Wisdom that can speak to the hearts of people daily.

  • Wise Essentials

    Wise essentials are accessories and novelty items with positive and/or inspirational messages. The idea is to bring the words written to Life by using Wisdom.

  • Athletics by LBW

    We love sports so it would only be fitting to add an athletic line to the list. You can get all sports related items here; tees, tanks, jerseys, caps, gloves, etc. All items have a positive approach On Purpose!

  • Writing Between The Lines Publications

    Writing between the Lines Publications is an area where we share books and literature of positive messages. This includes short stories, daily devotionals, laminated poems, greeting cards and more. We promote other authors and writers who desire to spread Wisdom thru words.

  • Wear Here

    Wear Here is a calendar of events. Stop Buy! Find out who we are, What we do, Why we do it, and Wear we will be.

We make STATEMENTS, WEAR-ever We Go!

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